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Studio Facilties and Equipment

My studio shooting area is aproximately 30x32 feet of open space with a 18 foot high ceiling. There is also a 10x60 foot area connected to the shooting area for storage of props, grip, lighting equipment and misc. other equipment.

The studio is set up to allow shooting of up to 3 projects at one time.

  • Area 1 has a Bogen Manfrotto background roll system with 3 different 10 foot wide paper backgrounds (gray, blue, black) other background colors are available.
  • Area 2 is set up for the EPS projection background system with a 10 foot wide by 10 foot high projection screen.
  • Area 3 is open and may be used with any type of background or table set up.


Equipment Inventory
We have a vast equipment inventory of the finest equipment to help us do your job. A partial listing below gives you an idea of what is available to us to use on your project. If we don't have it we can get it.

Cameras: 4x5 Inch Format
  • Sinar P
  • 3 Sinar F1
  • Wisner Technical Field
  • Polaroid Inserts for all cameras

Cameras: Medium Format

  • 2 Mamiya RZ Pro II 6x7CM format
  • Polaroid 600SE
  • Polaroid Backs for both RZ cameras

Cameras: 35mm

  • 2 Nikon F5
  • Nikon F90x
  • 2 Nikon F3
  • Nikon FTn on copy stand

Cameras: Special Purpose

  • Nikonos V with SB-103/SB-102 Underwater camera with dual flash
  • Nikonos IV-A with SB-101 Underwater camera with flash
  • Lensless Camara Company Pinhole 4x5
  • Eyepokor Panoramic Rotocam with Nikon optics (360 degree, 120 film 18 inch negative)
  • Widelux F8 35mm panoramic camera (140 degree)

Lenses: 4x5 Inch Format

  • 75mm F5.6 Super Angulon
  • 90mm F5.6 Super Angulon XL
  • 180mm F5.6 Nikkor
  • 210mm F5.6 Schneider APO Symmar
  • 240mm F5.6 Rodenstock
  • 240mm F4.5 Grandagon
  • 250mm Rodenstock Imagon Soft Focus
  • 360mm F6.8 Symmar S

Lenses: Medium Format

  • 37mm Full Frame Fisheye Mamiya
  • 50mm UD Mamiya
  • 75mm Shift Lens Mamiya
  • 110mm F2.8 Mamiya
  • 140mm Macro Mamiya
  • 180mm Mamiya Soft Focus
  • 250mm APO Mamiya
  • 1.4 Extender Mamiya
  • 127mm Mamiya for Polaroid
  • 150mm Mamiya for Polaroid

Lenses: 35mm Auto Focus

  • 300mm F2.8D AF-I Nikkor
  • 80-200mm F2.8D AF Nikkor
  • 35-70mm F2.8D AF Nikkor
  • 20-35mm F2.8D AF Nikkor
  • 60mm F2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor
  • 85mm F1.4D AF Nikkor
  • 16mm F2.8D AF Nikkor Full Frame Fisheye

Lenses: 35mm Manual Focus

  • 1000mm F11 Nikkor Mirror
  • 500mm F8 Nikkor Mirror
  • 50-300mm F4.5 Nikkor
  • 80-200mm F4 Nikkor
  • 43-86mm F3.5 Nikkor
  • 35-200mm F3.5 Nikkor
  • 200mm F4 Nikkor
  • 105mm F2.5 Nikkor
  • 85mm F1.4 Nikkor
  • 50mm F1.4 Nikkor
  • 35mm F1.4 Nikkor
  • 35mm PC Shift Lens Nikkor
  • 24mm F Nikkor
  • 20mm F3.5 Nikkor
  • 15mm F3.5 Nikkor Rectilinear

Lenses Special Purpose 35mm.

  • 200mm F4 Micro Nikkor
  • 105mm F2.8 Micro Nikkor
  • 55mm Micro Nikkor
  • 20mm Nikonos Underwater
  • 28mm Nikonos Underwater
  • 35mm Nikonos Underwater
  • 80mm Nikonos Underwater
  • Nikonos Underwater Macro Setup
  • Complete Macro photography setup
  • Complete Microscope photography setup


  • Phase One H20 Digital Back, 16mp for Mamiya
  • Nikon D200, 10.8 mp
  • Fuji S1 Pro Camera 6mp 14mb file, Uses Nikkor AFD lenses
  • Agfa Alto 16K Film Recorder
  • Matrix 35mm Film Recorder
  • Agfa Forte 8k Film Recorder
  • 2 Polaroid HR-6000 Film Recorders with film and polaroid backs
  • Epson 836 Large Format Flatbed Scanner up to 12"x19"
  • Epson 1640SU Flatbed Scanner
  • Nikon LS-2000 35mm Film Scanner
  • Leafscan 45 Large Format Film Scanner
  • Epson R1800 Photo Printer
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 workstations

Lighting Equipment: Flash Equipment

  • Speedotron 4803 4800 watt seconds
  • Speedotron 2401 2400 watt seconds
  • 2 Novatron 880 Plus 900 watt seconds
  • Novatron 500 500 watt seconds
  • 2 Novatron 440 Plus 440 watt seconds
  • 16 heads for Novatron
  • 10 102 heads for Speedotron
  • Calumet projection spot for Speedotron w/misc gobos
  • 1 106 4800 Watt head for Speedotron
  • Snoots, Grids, Barndoors, Etc, for all heads
  • Light Brush Set with various heads
  • 3 Smith Victor Q66 Hot Lights 600 watt halogen
  • Quantum Q Flash with Turbo Packs

Lighting Equipment: Light Modifiers

  • 2 Photoflex Multi Dome Small
  • 3 Photoflex Multi Dome Medium
  • 2 Photoflex Multi Dome Large
  • 1 Photoflex Multi Dome X-Large
  • 1 Photoflex Octabank 7' diameter
  • 1 Photoflex Half Dome X-Large
  • 2 Photoflex Strip Dome Large
  • 1 Britdome dual diffused round softbox
  • 10 Lightform Panels various sizes up to 4x8 feet
  • Photoflex Light Disc Reflectors various sizes and colors
  • Misc Umbrellas
  • Complete Compliment of Gels

Grip Equipment

  • 2 Large Red-wing adjustable booms
  • 3 Small Red-Wing adjustable booms
  • 3 Avenger crank up heavy duty light stands 25'
  • 2 Avenger non-crank up heavyduty light stands 15'
  • Bogen Autopole System
  • Bogen 13' light stands
  • Bogen Mini-Booms
  • Bogen Rotary Background System
  • Avenger C Stands & Accessories
  • Other special Bogen Manfroto clamps and grip eqipment for lighting and product placement
  • Bogen Manfroto Virtual Reality Rotating Head

Metering & Misc. Equipment

  • Minolta Flashmeter III
  • Minolta Colormeter IIIF
  • Pentax Digital Spotmeter
  • Broncolor FCM with probe for 4x5 film plane metering
  • Spot attachments for Minolta III
  • Quantum Radio Slave IV
  • Smoke Generator
  • Snow Machine
  • Bubble Machine
  • Wind Generator
  • Numerous hand painted muslin backgrounds

Environmental Projection System:

The EPS is used to project backgrounds onto a special backdrop, allowing an unlimited number of backgrounds to be used with the subject. We have hundreds of slides that can be used for backgrounds depending on the requirement. Backgrounds range from computer generated graphics to scenic landscape shots. We use this system with the Mamiya RZ67 camera system giving stunning results.


We have a number of props in stock for various types of shots. Ranging from childrens toys to adult toys, high tech or low tech, aliens, as well as period clothing.

Other Facilities:

  • Kitchen
  • Changing room
  • Office area with photocopy and fax equipment
  • Wordprocessing stations
  • Grapic design workstations
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Video Theater
  • Conference rooms

Complete Darkroom On Premises

2 Complete AVL Genesis / Dove X2 slide show presentation systems with 30 Ektagraphic IIIA projectors and misc lenses, lighting controllers and remote switching for your multimedia presentations.